All ZIZI home textile products are machine washable and may also be dry-cleaned.All ZIZI textile products are pre-starched, although the starch will come out during the first few washes and the material will become softer. We therefore recommend, especially for ease of ironing, to hang linen textile products up to dry after machine washing. Stretch the material out flat before hanging.

All linen and half-linen products can easily be ironed with a standard steam iron. You can also use a trouser press. For best results, iron the material while it is slightly damp.

If you wish to re-starch table linen, we recommend you use spray starch, available from any large supermarket. For best results, it is best to iron table linen first and then spray with starch.

Tumble drying is not recommended, especially not for the first few washes. Tumble drying may cause the product to shrink, which also makes it more difficult to iron.